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Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog and a special thanks if you have taken the time to stop by and read this post. This post might be a long one. It’s an “about” post. Why I started this blog. That sort of stuff.

You see this is probably the fourth or fifth incarnation of this blog and I feel I need to (re)define what I want to write about and share here, probably for me as much as anybody else.

So for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Kevin McAuley. I don’t really use my middle name much but someone else beat me to registering that domain and so here we are. “Personal Branding” and all that shite.

I currently work in a digital marketing agency in Dublin and have been doing that type of work for the past 3 years. Despite not having a formal background in marketing or IT related subjects I got into that industry after starting a fitness blog and YouTube channel and as I was having fun doing that I thought it would be a cool industry to work in.

Since then, the variations incarnations of this blog I have mentioned have included general online marketing stuff, a Pay Per Click marketing blog and a “Look at me I’m Travelling the World with my Laptop” lifestyle design blog.

To be fair I have to give myself credit for getting so many new projects off the ground but where I have failed is in finding the energy and the passion needed to maintain them and so I have decided to go back and blog about what I know and what I love best -Health and Fitness.

To that end what you should find on this site are useful articles and videos on muscle building, fat loss and getting as ripped as Bruce Lee. If however this is the only post on this site, well then, it looks like blogging just isn’t for me after all.


  • Adam

    Reply Reply February 1, 2014


    Keep this blog going – stick at it. The quality of the videos are superb. (Hat Tip to Marina)

    • Kevin James McAuley

      Reply Reply February 1, 2014

      Hi Adam,
      Thanks for such encouraging feedback, much appreciated! Yeah Marina is certainly the brains behind the operation. :)
      Anything in particular you would like to see or learn about?

      • Adam

        Reply Reply February 1, 2014

        Well, as you well know – I’m blessed with super high metabolism, so any gym work leads to weight loss from an already lean frame.

        I’d like to read about how someone who is super time poor, can build a little on what’s there but more so tone whatever muscle is handing on a skinny frame.

        Not a massive fan of supplements or the idea of hitting the bench press 4 days a week.

        • Kevin James McAuley

          Reply Reply February 3, 2014

          One thing that might help could be knocking the ciggies on the head if you haven’t already. That’ll be suppressing your appetite and so when you do train you are not getting the calories you need and you lose weight as you say.

          Try replacing that with a snack like almonds.

          Also I know your a busy man, I train in the mornings which initially was hard but I find when I do I am much more focused and productive for the day. You know more than anyone that success takes work so I’m not gonna say that you can get away with training once a week, you do need to train 3-4 times to get noticeable results fast. Rather try not to think of it as a chore and use it to set yourself for a productive day. :)

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